Verified Amazon Seller Accounts for Sale

amazon seller accounts for sale buyWhat is this offer?
These are professionally created Amazon USA and UK PRO stores (accounts) for sale. They are fully verified, approved and ready to sell.
All accounts are delivered as fresh, new and unused before.

Why you might need it?

A lot of people want to start selling on Amazon but don’t really know how to create an account and get it verified. Or just want to skip the hassle of creating the account(s) themselves. It’s especially difficult if you had an account banned/suspended before.

Another case when these accounts (stores) are used – are by experienced Amazon sellers who had their previous account’s banned and who want
to get back on selling again.
Or sellers who want to dissipate the business risk and create multiple (sometimes dozens) of different seller accounts.
Thus noticeably increasing their revenue and leveraging the risk.

What’s the cost?

  • Fully Verified Amazon USA PRO Store – Contact us via Facebook Messenger bubble on the bottom-right corner*.
  • Fully Verified Amazon UK PRO Store – Contact us via Facebook Messenger bubble on the bottom-right corner*.

What’s included with the account?
Each account comes with a free PDF sheet containing instructions on how to safely use and maintain the account.
Also, account will come with a credit card attached and all necessary files and documents and 2FA login information.

UK or USA?
Main difference between USA and UK accounts is that USA sellers can list their items on American, Mexican and Canadian marketplaces.
While UK accounts are able to sell on United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Italy marketplaces.

* – prices vary on availability of the accounts. Discounts are available for bulk buyers.

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