Amazon Image Requirements – 7 Ways To Optimize Them For Sales

amazon product image requirements
amazon product image requirements

Amazon is one of the top E-Commerce websites around the world. It comes with the options for daily life products to the specified niche product options delivered at your doorstep. But, have you ever thought about why do you keep on seeing some specific products in your search results and why do not some other products get a chance to rank? Bingo! We got your point. Amazon’s algorithm captures the products that follow Amazon’s image requirements

When we enter the virtual shopping world and dig in for products on websites like Amazon, we know we become too lazy to read out the product details and completely rely on the images. On the contrary, Amazon’s Algorithm also loves some catchy images. This makes it integral for the sellers to make the product images more catchy. 

A good image means more of the sales. While a bad-quality image will put down your product in no time. Besides the image quality, the image should also be a description of the product. As images are very integral part of Amazon sales, the company has compiled some basic and simple guidelines that one needs to follow to make their product shine.

Keep on reading to find out the top Amazon image requirements & optimization tips.
You can also take a glance at official Amazon’s image requirements here.

The Amazon Product Image Requirements – A Technical Overview

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amazon image technical requirements

Let’s start with the basics. Before we go into the details of the tips for images to rank on Amazon, have a look over the technical requirements suggested by Amazon itself:

  • The image should be a clear representation of the product.
amazon image backpack

The product image is considered to be the introduction and the impression of the product. It should be eye-catching and also customer-grabbing. For all this, it is very important that your image should be the clear representation of your product. It should also match your title. The clear image of the product acts as a quick introduction for the customers and develops their interest in your product increasing the click rate and eventually the sales.

  • The product should cover eighty-five percent of the image that makes the product more clear and grabs all the attention.
  • All the images should only be in the JPEG, TIFF, PNG or GIF format. Amazon does not support any other file format.
  • Amazon does not support nudity. It is clearly mentioned in the rules that the product images like swimsuits must not be displayed over babies and kids. There should only be the product images.
  • All the images should not be blurry or come with jagged edges. Pixelate images are also not recommended by Amazon.
  • Every image should be 600 pixels to 1000 pixels for a better display with the zoom feature. None of the images should exceed a size of 10,000 pixels.

Amazon Main Image Requirements Explained

Of all the images, the main product image is the most integral one. We have to focus on it. This image acts as the first impression of your product. To make your main product image more effective, here you go with the Amazon image guidelines for the main image.

  • The main product image should come with a white background. 
amazon product sneaker image

These images easily blend in the Amazon search engine and are more accepted by the algorithm.

  • The main image should be the professional photograph of the product only. There should not be any accessory included in the image that might confuse the customer.
  • There should be no watermarks or logos printed over the main product in the main image. Let the sole product capture the attention of the buyer.
  • The main image should only come with the single product view. Adding to views in a single picture might disturb the quality of the image and make it blur while zooming in.
  • According to the Amazon’s main image requirements, any part of the product should not be cut off from the borders. There is only the exception of rule in the products like jewelry.
  • Do not show the product coming out of the box until it is necessary to show the box.
  • If you are using a model, the Amazon recommends that the model should not be in a sitting or leaning position in main image. However, there is an exception of the rule for the products like wheel chair.
  • The main image of the multiple apparel package should be flat. It should not include any model. This will help the customer to clearly find out what is inside the package.
  • The clothing images should not show any part of the mannequin.
  • Main images of the human clothing should be on male or female models.
amazon product jeans image
  • The main images of the kids clothing should be photographed flat.
amazon product kids image flat
  • The main image for a shoe should be of a single shoes and at an angle of forty-five degree.

Manipulating any of these rules might result in making you prone to the Amazon seller code conduct. However, following the code will help you rank your products in no time. To know more about the images you can also visit the Amazon seller centeral image requirements.

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Sometimes sellers complain that their listings were removed and/or suspended without any notice due to image copyright infringement.

That’s why it’s important TO NOT use images downloaded from random sources (like Google images). You should use unique or royalty-free images at all times.

However, if your listing is suspended due to image violations — the best thing you can do it remove/replace the image and write to seller performance team asking to reinstate your listing.

Also, please not that multiple Amazon’s TOS violations can cause your account to be blocked for good!
But there’s no need to panic, since you can always reach out to us and buy a new Amazon’s seller store at any time!

7 Tips That Will Help Your Products Rank While Keeping Amazon Image Requirements

According to the Amazon photo requirements, you need to optimize the main images. However, you have a lot more to do for the image optimization.
We’ve covered 7 effective tips that you can use to make your product go to the skies!

Tip 1. Hire A Professional For Amazon Image Photography

The top key to making your images rank is to follow the Amazon’s image requirements. On top of the requirements, there is a guideline to maintain the quality. What can be better than hiring a professional for product photography to get quality images. Hiring a professional might cost you a little bit but still it has multiple perks that will go in your benefit. 

A professional photographer knows all the technical aspects and will shoot your images from the best angles. He has all the high-end equipment which will help you to maintain the quality of the images. Remember, these images are your product’s impression to the customer and they should be the best.

pro amazon photographer

Tip 2. Create Images To Meet The User Intent

When you go to a shop and want to buy something, you tell the seller what are you going to use the product for. In virtual shopping, you do the job through the product images. Create some amazing lifestyle images. These images will work to grab the attention of the customer. The more the customers will relate to your product, the more will be the sales of your product.

woman enjoying massage amazon product

In the above-given picture, we can see a  lady enjoying a relaxing massage while using her cell phone. This image will meet the intent of people who want to enjoy a back massage while sitting at their work desk. You can produce such images as per your product.

Tip 3. 3D Rendered Images – An Amazing Introduction To Your Product

The world has moved to the latest technology system. Amazon Picture Policy has also allowed 3D images in the product image session. If you have a product in which both the exterior and the interior matter, you should go for a 3D image. It will have a good impact on the customer. The customer will feel as if he is holding the product himself. 

If you want to go for an overview of both the outer and inner sides use a cross-section image. If you want to demonstrate only the exterior, go for a simple 3D overview.

3d amazon product image

This is a 3D image of the sofa. The customer can not only see the exterior but also knows what is inside the sofa. Which not only is helpful boot looks cool as well!

Tip 4. Use the Zoom-In Feature

To make your product one of the best Amazon products, it is very important to follow the Amazon image requirements. Using the Zoom-In technique enhances the outlook of your product. All the customers on Amazon are virtual. They cannot physically touch the product. Zoom in each feature of the product, this will help the customer go into the insights of the product and make it familiar to them. Also mention a few quick features in the image to make it more specific.
Don’t forget to use HQ image so that the zoomed-in image doesn’t look blurry!

zoomed in image amazon heapdhones

This image is a zoom-in image of the headphones. It not only shows the image of the earpiece but also elaborates on the specific features that help to make up the mind of the customer. With these images, the customer might feel as if he is holding the products in hand.

Tip 5. Include Infographics – A Way To Increase The Sales On Amazon

Images with text also known as the info graphics can take your sales to another level. With these images, it is much more easy to understand the guidelines for the product. Add a single type of font and also use a color tone in the images to make them more attractive. Here you go with a few things that you can use in your infographics:

  • Include all the product specifications.
  • Create some comparison charts with the other products.
  • If you are selling a food item, display the nutritional content and ingredient information.
  • List the manufacturing material.
  • Make a comparison chart with a comparison of your and competitors’ product.

Here are a few examples of info graphics that you can use in your Amazon listing as images:

amazon image infographic

This picture is a perfect example of the infographic images of the product. The image contains a beauty product with all the benefits of it for the skin.

coffee image infographic

Here’s the coffee infographic image. It comes with some of the important information integrated into an image which makes it open for the customers and is quite easy to read.

Tip 6. The Before And After Effects

When we talk about the working of a product, people would love to see the result. This makes the credibility of the product clear. In such cases, the before and after images act as the show-stopper. Adding these kind of images allows the customer to see the difference. 

before-after image amazon

This picture is a product image of the posture corrector. In this image, the customer can easily see the difference in the posture of the model before and after using the product. The image is a valid source to tell that the product is effective.

Tip 7. Your Product Images as Storytelling

Amazon gives its sellers an option to upload around six images and a video. This is a lot to demonstrate the features and the specifications of a product. You should use all these seven slots according to the Amazon image guide. 

Moreover, another way to make these images effective is the storytelling method. Arrange the images in a storytelling way.
Start from the simple main image as the introduction of the story. Move forwards with the features and add the infographics on the third number. Add some more images from multiple aspects and at the end, a video with all the details will be the show-stopper. This method will leave a good impression on the customers and it will be something unique that hopefully your competitor lacks.

Let’s Wrap Up

We have discussed all the Amazon image requirements in detail. Here are a few points as a reminder on how to rank your products on Amazon.

  • Make the product fit the frame.
  • Cover almost 85% of frame.
  • The clarity of the image is the key.
  • Set the pixel size according to Amazon guidelines.
  • Add some text and graphics.
  • Do not add borders to the image.
  • Allow image zooming.
  • Use 3D effects.
  • Read out the Amazon guidelines as per your product.
  • Test the photos and take reviews of people before you update the images.

I hope now you are ready to let your product fly high in the world of Amazon. Just keep the technical Amazon image requirements in your mind and enjoy mind-blowing sales!