Sell Your Amazon Seller Account/Store Or Whole Amazon Business

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    Our Amazon seller account brokerage process is super-simple and convenient for anyone no matter where you’re from!

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    We value your time as well as ours, so we don’t waste time and offer your account and get a prospective buyer ASAP.

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    We have more than 5+ years of experience buying and selling Amazon seller accounts and use only quality & tested purchasing methods as well as escrow services for smooth transactions.

Sell Your Amazon Seller Account or Your Whole FBA-FBM Business

Do you have an Amazon seller account that you no longer use? Or do you simply want to stop selling on Amazon and want to sell your account/store or even your whole FBA/FBM business?

That’s awesome because you’re in the right place! We are an Amazon brokerage agency serving our clients for more than ~5+ years!

Is It Legal to Sell Existing Amazon Seller Accounts?

It absolutely is! There is nothing wrong or illegal with selling your Amazon business. People do sell their accounts everyday for as long as Amazon is alive.
In addition, it’s a really smart move because if you no longer plan to sell on Amazon — you can make a lot of money by simply selling your account even if it doesn’t make any money.

What Do I Need to Do To Sell My Amazon Seller Account?

If you want to sell your Amazon seller store with our help — it’s more than simple.
You just need to contact us here by filling out our form.
Or just send a quick email to [email protected].

After that, we’ll evaluate your account and give you the best possible quote.

How Much Is My Amazon Seller Account Worth?

That’s a relative questions that depends on many factors.
Typically we evaluate seller accounts by asking the seller (you) for the following data:

  • Account registration date
  • Owner’s citizenship
  • Lifetime sales
  • Account health
  • Review count
  • Previous account health issues
  • Open brands / categories
  • and other important metrics.

After determining these, we can give you a preliminary quote on how much your Amazon seller account could be worth. Depending on mentioned metrics, your account worth can range from ~$1000 up to $40,000 and more!

To know your exact Amazon store worth contact us here by filling out our form.
Or send us an email to [email protected].

After that, we’ll evaluate your account and give you the best possible quote.

Will the Buyer Keep Using and Selling Under Your Name or The Ownership Will be Changed?

The Amazon account’s ownership can be changed if that’s what the client (you) requires.
Of course, if it’s an account registered under a personal name (entity) — the ownership will be changed on a mandatory basis in order to avoid any legal repercussions or confusions in the future.

However, there are cases and sellers who have an account registered under an LLC.
In those cases, sometimes only the LLC ownership change is sufficient.

What Are The Fees For Our Amazon Brokerage Service?

We only charge 5% from the total sale price. So we’re more than interested to sell your account for a price that’s as high as possible.

How Does The Process Look Like and Is It Safe?

1st step

Your seller account evaluation

1st step
2nd step

Signing a contract (optional)

2nd step
3rd step

We begin advertising your Amazon seller account

3rd step
4th step

The buyer is found & your account is sold

4th step
Final step

You get the payment for your Amazon seller account

Final step

It is pretty simple and straightforward. Firstly, we would need to evaluate your account and get as much data and information about it as possible (see the account worth paragraph).

Before we begin offering your account to buyers and various groups, businesses, etc. — we can write up a contract (not mandatory) with all the terms.

Then, we’ll start advertising your Amazon seller store to various large groups of buyers, our email list and other prospects.

After that, when we find a suitable buyer, we’ll as you to begin transferring the account data to us.
Prior to that we collect the payment from the buyer via escrow service and share all the proof of transaction to make the process transparent and ensure that buyers are TRUE buyers and not time-wasters.

In all the steps of the process (where we have more than 5+ years of experience) we use only reputable escrow providers to avoid any issues.

Lastly, after we successfully get the account data from you and the buyer confirms everything’s OK — we deduct our 5% from the price and transfer the funds to your account in any preferred way (bank transfer, Wise, crypto and so on).

Do We Also Buy Suspended Amazon Accounts?

Unfortunately, we do not. Prior to sending us a message for a quote — ensure that your Amazon account is fully active and eligible to sell on at least 1 marketplace.

Does My Amazon Seller Account Have To Be Profitable/Make Sales?

Not at all. We do buy and offer accounts for sale that only have historical sales and don’t make any money right now.

We’ve seen that a lot of people miss out BIG when they decide to exit or stop selling on Amazon – they simply leave their well-aged accounts with great metrics on permanent vacation mode and instead of making thousands of $$, they make $0.

Ready to Sell Your Amazon Seller Account?

If you’re ready to find out your account’s price and list it for sale — message us!
We’ll get in touch with your within a few and up to 12 hours.

And if you’re looking to buy a new or aged Amazon seller account – click here.