How To Bring External Traffic To Amazon Listing – 8 Top Ways For Amazon Sellers

How To Bring External Traffic To Amazon Listing

Ranking your product on the Amazon marketplace means that you have ranked your product worldwide.

But as sellers, we all know bringing traffic to your listing is necessary to rank it high. High ranking means more sales and better profit. Your listing is great, but you must make it discoverable among millions.
Some external traffic might help you do the job. Keep reading this article to know some easy ways that will help you bring external traffic to Amazon listing.

Benefits Of Bringing External Traffic To Amazon Listing

Before we jump into the details of the Amazon external traffic, here you go with a benefit that will open up your thoughts and make up your mind to bring the external traffic to your listing.

  • External traffic will give a good recognition of the product.
  • It will help you stay ahead in the competition as your competitors might not have made their place in the public yet.
  • It will work to increase brand awareness as you have already introduced your product to the customer through multiple aspects.
  • It will bring a more diverse customer to your listing.
How To Bring External Traffic To Amazon Listing

The Traffic Types on Amazon – A One-Minute Introduction Guide For Amazon Traffic

Before we jump into the debate on bringing external traffic to Amazon listings, you need to know the basics of Amazon listings. Talking about the types of the Amazon traffic, it is divided into two types;

  • Internal Traffic Source
  • External Traffic Source
amazon listing traffic sources

What Are Internal Traffic Sources?

The internal traffic sources are the sources that bring in traffic from the Amazon platform itself. Working on the internal traffic sources for every seller to make their place in the Amazon seller dashboard is very important. Here are a few ways to increase the internal traffic on your Amazon listings. 

Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO is one of the most effective ways to rank the listing at the top. Optimize your listings with the right content and watch your content rank with increased sales and better traffic. Here you go with a few key points that will help your content rank in no time.

  • Making an eye-catching title with some of the most grabbing keywords is one of the best SEO techniques. Make your keyword research strong and use it to let your listings rank high. 
  • Add some quality pictures of the products in your listings. Do not forget to follow the Amazon seller image guidelines.
  • Make a bullet point section to make the specifications of the products more highlighted. Try to use keywords in the bullet points to trigger the Amazon algorithm.
  • Make clear product descriptions. The product description should be strong enough to let your customer feel the product is in their hands.

The Amazon Review System

amazon reviews

Once you have started providing your services on Amazon, sellers might come and buy your products. Provide the best to your sellers. They will leave the reviews. Better ratings and increased reviews will work to give out the best to bring traffic and increase your sales to make your product rank in Amazon Seller Central. But remember, according to the Amazon seller policy, you cannot ask your customer for reviews

The Amazon Sponsored Products

amazon sponsored products

Besides the external traffic to Amazon listing, you also get options to advertise your product on the platform. Use some targeted keywords and compile a grabbing advertisement. Bid, win the sponsorship deal, and advertise your product on the main pages to get more clicks and traffic.

What Are External Traffic Sources?

The internal traffic sources are different from the external traffic sources. These traffic sources come from the platforms outside the Amazon application. The external traffic sources also trigger the algorithm to increase sales and traffic. Almost thirty percent of Amazon traffic is external traffic, allowing the seller to gain more profit.  If you are a new seller with amazing products, we recommend focusing on the external traffic first. 

Keep reading if you want to know the tips and tricks for bringing external traffic to Amazon listings. 

8 Best Ways To Bring External Traffic To Your Amazon Listing

Bringing external traffic to your listing might be a hard task initially, but the following steps will tell you how to do the job. Read these methods and follow them to boost your sales and make sky-high profits.

1. TikTok Advertisement

tik tok business for amazon

TikTok is one of the most emerging social media applications. It has gained a huge amount of users in a very short time. This enormous success makes it one of the largest video-playing applications. According to the studies, billions of people from different regions use TikTok daily. Studies also show that people are influenced by the products they see on TikTok.

All this amazing detail makes TikTok the right platform to advertise your Amazon products. Run your product ad on TikTok to bring in some external traffic on the product listing. There is another fun and easy way to advertise on TikTok. Make a video of your product and put it on TikTok. Add the product link in the description and enjoy the free advertisement of your product (it’s a UGC method we’ll be talking about further on).

2. Run Facebook Ads

facebook ad for amazon

Facebook has been ruling the media companies for a long time. It has around twenty-two billion users, and thousands of users keep signing in to the platform daily. The application has evolved into more than just a media-sharing platform. It has also developed its marketplace to give a wider space for the sellers.

All these features make Facebook the right advertising platform. Run an ad on Facebook for your Amazon listing, and it will not only show your advertisement on the marketplace but will also advertise your product in between the content and during the scrolling experience. Another thing that makes Facebook advertisements more effective is targeting a specific group of users searching for things close to your product and only targeting a special area.

3. Run Your Ads On Third Party Websites

3rd party websites for ads amazon

Third-party websites are an amazing way to help you rank Amazon listings. These websites will advertise your products to a wider audience. They will not only show your products to those who have been looking for them but will also introduce your products to those who did not know about the product and those who had no interest in the products. Eventually, there will be an increase in traffic.

4. Run Instagram Ads

instagram ads for Amazon listings

Instagram is one of the most trending applications. The modern world now wants media on the point. Instagram only shows the data about the people you follow. If you want to visit other people’s data, you need to move toward the search console of Instagram. 

Having a more mature and serious audience, Instagram is one of the best ways to bring external traffic to an Amazon listing. It is very easy to run an Instagram ad. All you need to do is to make an Instagram business account and connect it with the Facebook market account.

Besides this, another way to endorse Amazon products on the Instagram platform is to collaborate with influencers. People love the influencers and try to copy them. If the influencer advertises your product, it will increase your traffic.

5. The Affiliate Marketing Technique

amazon affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing would be at the top when discussing the award-winning way to bring external traffic to Amazon listing. You might be familiar with the term affiliate marketing. If you are not, keep reading to learn about the insights and perks of affiliate marketing. 

According to the Amazon Affiliate Program, a third party can bring sales to your product, and Amazon will pay them their commission. What is your benefit? Well, the third parties have traffic, and you need it. They will advertise your product and let it go sky-high to make your sales more profitable. They will not only advertise your product but will also study it to give out a detailed description.

6. Hire An Influencer

influencers for amazon listings

Influencer marketing is one of the most convenient and modern ways to market your products. Influencers are the people who create an influence over the audience with their amazing products. They use multiple social media platforms to help your product reach the audience.

If you are not working with an Amazon influencer, you are missing a big chance to gain an audience for your products and increase sales. According to research, almost sixty percent of people believe the word influencers. With the Amazon Influencer Programme, the influencer will promote your product and get their commission from Amazon. You can find the right influencer for your product on the Amazon Influencer Programme Website

7. The UGC (User Generated Content) Method

ugc amazon content

The UGC is another effective method to increase Amazon Listing Traffic. UGC stands for the user-generated content. You can also call it a stream of influencer marketing, but this is for those not part of the Amazon Influencer Programme.
Make a deal with a social media user with many followers, pay him, and send him your product. They will naturally integrate your product into their videos and develop the followers’ interest. They mostly share your product listing through the description or mention your store in their story.

8. Create Some Eye-Catching Review Videos on Youtube

amazon product youtube videos

Videos and image photography are important in social media marketing campaigns. Shoot a high-quality video of the product. If you grab the right pain point of the buyer in your video, this will work magic to bring external traffic to Amazon listings.
Share your amazing multimedia on platforms like YouTube and TikTok and watch organic traffic grow!

The Wrap Up For The Guide

Now, we know the benefits and top methods to bring external traffic to your Amazon listings. Now, it is up to you to follow all the methods and take your sales to a higher level.
If you have any queries, contact us, and we will be at your service whether you’re in need of a new Amazon seller account, category/brand approval, or anything else!

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