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Amazon Seller Accounts and ebay high limit accounts. Full Support
by Indigo Commerce Ltd


We’ve been in the field of eBay and Amazon for years. Throughout the time we had 1000s of clients and cases which let us perfect our craft for account creation.


This is where our experience comes to play.
Our mission is our customers satisfaction.


The internet business never sleeps. And so we try to match it.
You can contact us any time of the day and any day of the year.


We’re the only provider online who provides everything needed for your
successful online business. Several ranges of eBay high limit and Amazon seller accounts.


We strive for full and complete customer satisfaction.
So you can use our services 100% risk-free!

What Do We Offer?


If you have your accounts banned permanently or want to dissipate the business risk and increase profits by having multiple active Amazon accounts – we can help you.
We have probably the highest quality Amazon accounts and after purchase support online.

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Ebay is notorious for suspending sellers for a variety of reasons. Nowadays, experienced sellers have a practice when they manage and own several ebay accounts thus lowering their business risk and increasing profits. 
We offer high quality and high limits ebay seller accounts.

What is a Stealth Account?

A so called “stealth account” (whether that’d be Amazon or eBay) is an account created with non-existent person details. Basically it’s an alternative identity which you can use to get back to selling again on eBay or Amazon.

eBay Stealth

eBay marketplace is a well regulated place. So if you had your account banned before – it’s impossible to get back on it with your same name.
To get back selling again – you’ll need a stealth account.


Amazon is even more strict and heavily regulated marketplace than eBay.
Setting up a seller account for Amazon is pretty tricky. So when sellers get suspended by Amazon – their only chance is to get a stealth Amazon account.

Why Choose Us?

We have more than 7 years experience in both eBay and Amazon marketplaces. And opportunity to deal with many clients gave us valuable knowledge and expertise to fine-tune our service.
In addition, we value our customers and provide them full support prior and after buying an account.


We currently have one of the most attractive prices on the market.


We never compromise on quality. Simply because without it – no repetitive businesss would be possible.
When buying from us – you get a top-notch quality service.

Some Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Wanted to spread my risk and increase my revenue.. So i bough several verified Amazon PRO accounts. So far – amazin service.

John I.

After being banned from ebay I decided to buy a new account with 1000/$25000 limits. Delivery was quick and everything went as expected.

Brian D.

Geat support and accounts. Will definitely get back for more.


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