How To Get Amazon Choice Badge For Your Listings? (7 Ways)

how to get an Amazon Choice badge

We know you are an Amazon seller looking for ways to grow your business on Amazon.
In the past few years, Amazon has taken its place in the international marketplace. It is not the top e-commerce store around the globe. Amazon’s success is because it not only satisfies the customers but encourages the sellers who provide the best. Amazon has designed multiple badges to create a good relationship between the seller and the customers (best-seller badge is one of them). Amazon Choice is one of these badges. Keep reading this article to learn how to get the Amazon Choice badge and its benefits to your business.

How Did Amazon Choice Badge Become A Part Of Amazon Platform?

The Amazon Choice Badge is not a new addition. It has been in the game since 2015. This batch was initially a part of the Amazon Echo project. Amazon Echo was aided by Alexa, the AI voice of the project. However, Alexa could not provide the best products to the customers on the voice commands. At that, they came up with the idea of the Amazon Choice badge. The badge worked with Echo and recommended the best-selling product at a good rate for a specific keyword.

how to get an Amazon Choice badge

How Amazon’s Choice Has Evolved Since Then

After that, the Amazon Choice has evolved. Now, it does not only lie to the Echo search compatibility. Still, it is also available for all the other searches and as an award for the best-performing products for a specific keyword.

What Is Amazon Choice Badge And What Are Its Benefits?

what is an Amazon choice badge?

When we talk about the Amazon Choice Badge, Amazon Seller Central has all the information about it. According to Seller Central, the badge is awarded for the top product available on a specific keyword. They determine the top products with the following three aspects:

  • Highly Rated
  • Better Prices
  • Instant Fast Delivery

Benefits Of Amazon Choice Badge

There are no specific details about how the Amazon Algorithm works, but we all know that if you have the Amazon Seller batch, the algorithm is in your favor, and you are happy with your performance. It will help you to attract more amount of customers.
Here you go with a few more benefits that you will get with the badge on your product:

  • Amazon has a tough competition. You need to provide the best services to stand tall in the range. You will get more traffic with the Amazon Seller Badge on your product. More traffic means more sales.
  • With the Amazon Choice Badge on your products, people will focus more on your brand and get more brand awareness. That is the key to sales.
  • Amazon has built its trust over its customers for a long time. Having an Amazon Choice Badge means you have the customers’ trust. Customers will buy more and leave good reviews on your products.

Besides the above-given benefits, the Amazon Choice badge can unroll more wonders for you, like bringing up the social value of your product. Having this badge will all be in your profit.

How To Get The Amazon Choice Badge – Top 7 Amazon Choice Badge Hacks

After knowing its benefits, every seller would want the Amazon Choice Badge to shine over their products. But how? We are here to answer your question. Here are a few tips and tricks to answer the question of how to get Amazon Choice Badge.

How To Get Amazon’s Choice Badge On Your Product

  1. Maintain Your Customer Service
customer support amazon

When you run a business, customer service is the integral factor to maintain. Good customer service will bring back the customers. Besides this, customer support can also build your good image and brand awareness. Give your customers a good service and Amazon will bring more customers to you. This might be the first key to win the Amazon Choice badge.

  1. Be A Part Of Amazon Prime
amazon prime

Amazon has a program for sellers who want to increase their sales and give a boost to their business. This is called the Amazon Prime program. According to the program, every seller needs to buy a monthly subscription and in return, Amazon will give its best services to boost sales. If you want to get the Amazon Choice Badge for your product, it is important that you have a Prime membership. With the prime membership, you will get premium delivery offers and get eligibility for fast delivery.

  1. The Keyword Optimization Technique
amazon keyword analysis

Keyword optimization is one of the best ways to help your products rank. As the Amazon Choice badge completely depends upon the keyword, you should mainly focus on the keyword to attain the badge. Try to find a keyword with a high search volume and integrate it into the listing to increase the chance of getting the amazing business booster badge.

  1. Take The Ratings Up

Ratings are the key to bringing you in the eyes of the customers. The Amazon Algorithm also loves the ratings. Work on the ratings at your store and you will see the magic. It will not only increase your sales but also will be a great choice to get the Amazon choice badge. A basic way to make your rating game go high is to give the best service to your customers. 

  1. The Pricing Technique

Pricing is one of the main things that you need to optimize to get the Amazon Choice Badge. Make your price market competitive. This will attract more of the customers. Besides this, there will also be an increase in sales and you will become the top candidate for the Amazon Choice badge.

  1. Keep Your Stock Always Available

Always keep your stocks updated. An updated stock will never allow your customer to bounce back. Amazon will also know that your stocks are always full and you can deliver the product fast. This will make you eligible for the Amazon Choice Badge

  1. Maintain The Quality Of Your Products

Last but not least, You need to maintain the quality of the products. If you will provide quality products, the customer will return back to you and will also drop high ratings. A good product takes no time to make its place among the customers. This will be the key to getting the Amazon Choice Badge.

FAQs On How To Get Amazon Choice Badge

  • Do you need to pay for the Amazon Choice badge?

No, the seller does not need to pay to get the Amazon Choice badge. They have to earn it with ultimate effort. However, the seller needs to pay for the Premium subscription.

  • Who gets Amazon Choice?

The person who provides quality services and high-quality products at a good price is eligible for the Amazon Choice badge.

  • Can we trust Amazon Choice?

Yes, we can trust the Amazon choice badge. Amazon is the best e-commerce service and it has earned its name by providing quality services.

  • What is the difference between the Amazon Choice badge and the Amazon Top Seller badge?

The Amazon Choice Badge and the Amazon Seller Badge are two different things. The top Seller Badge is the badge given to the product while the Amazon choice one is the one with good services and reasonable price.

Our Last Words

I hope you have ended up reading all the details on the topic of how to get Amazon Choice badge. You know the perks of it, now it is your choice if you want to rank high in Amazon sales. Just follow all the techniques, provide the best services, and enjoy the sales.

In case you need to buy a new Amazon seller’s account for your new product listings and hopefully start getting your Amz Choice badge – don’t hesitate to contact us, we will always help you.

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