Amazon Listing Error Suspensions – Why They Happen & How to Remove Them?

Every month around 200 million visitors visit Amazon from all over the world. With this amount of incredible reach, Amazon has become one of the top e-commerce sites globally. It is considered the best selling website for all online sellers from big to small businesses.

So it’s no surprise that millions of 3rd party sellers flock to Amazon to make some money. However, the journey of selling on Amazon is not always smooth and rewarding. The platform is widely known for its heavy rate of seller suspensions. Particularly in this article, we; w like to focus on Amazon listing error suspensions. How they happen and why.

amazon listing error suspension

More About Amazon Listing Errors

However, Amazon has its own set of rules and regulations, and as a seller, one has to strictly comply with all those rules to keep operating and save their account from suspension. But what if you make some listing errors and your seller account gets suspended by Amazon? Yes, it occurs with most of the sellers. But don’t worry because, in this article, we will be educating you about potential listing errors and how to remove suspension due to listing errors. But first of all, what is a listing error?

Amazon Listing Error Types

When sellers list their products on Amazon, they often face numerous error codes. Some of these errors are easy, while some are pretty hard to understand. This error usually occurs when the seller does an incorrect listing of their products. In such cases, Amazon holds the right to suspend the listing, seller’s account and withhold their funds. The worst thing about these errors is that Amazon just notifies you about these errors without providing adequate details or explaining how to fix them.

Some of the common listing errors are listed below:

  • Amazon Error 13013: In this listing error, Amazon denies completing your request because the SKU seller added is unavailable in Amazon Catalog, allowing you to resubmit your request after 24 hours if the SKU has been deleted. This error occurs when a seller is importing their catalog into Amazon using apps etc.
  • Different Identity: In this listing error, the SKU details that you provided does not match with the Amazon details on that SKU.
  • Amazon Error 8541: This is somehow the same as the identity problem. In this listing error, the data you prided for your SKU is different from the Amazon catalog. The data you provided matches with another product. For example, you added a product named XYZ Product while already has John’s Product.
  • Seller Not Authorized to List a Product: In this listing error, the seller is restricted from adding a product in any specific category. In such situations, sellers are asked to ask for approval before adding their product to that category.
Seller Not Authorized to List a Product (category limitations)

How to Remove an Amazon Listing Error Suspension?

When sellers face listing error suspension, they need to prepare a plan of action. This action plan should describe the issue’s root cause and the sellers’ corrective actions. If the seller quickly provides a clear plan of action, their account suspension will be removed sooner. So, what does an appealing plan of action contain?

Writing a Good Plan of Action for Amazon

The plan of action can be divided into three parts.

  • First: First of all, the seller must be describing the root cause of their problem. In this part, the seller should provide a complete analysis of their issue in a way that can prove them to be a great seller.
  • Second: In this part, the seller should be describing all corrective actions taken by them for resolving the issue.
  • Third: In this part, the seller should be describing their strategies for growing their business and becoming the best seller in the long run.

The removal of suspension entirely depends on the quality of the Plan of Action and its timeliness. The better and quicker the seller provides their plan of action, the faster the chances of removing their listing error suspension. And remember, while writing your plan of action, do take responsibility because it is one of the significant parts of the fourteen leadership principles of Amazon.

But even a great plan of action doesn’t guarantee suspension removal.

Final Thoughts

Sellers face listing errors, and it is not something to be worried about because the suspension can be removed if you provide a clear plan of action. So, the removal of your suspension is entirely dependent upon the quality of your plan of action. Therefore, if you want to remove the suspension, you should concentrate on providing the kind of action plan that offers good reasons why amazon should remove your suspension and how you will become a better seller.

Although, in many cases, Amazon doesn’t re-activate accounts. In that case, your only option is to buy a NEW seller account. Of course, you can’t register with your own name because you’ll get suspended quicker than a heartbeat.
Fortunately, you can always contact us and we can get you back to selling once again!

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