Amazon Best Seller Badge: Effective Insider Tips on How to Get One

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When we talk about the virtual market, Amazon is the biggest platform connecting sellers and buyers. Amazon has made its place in the market by maintaining quality and using upgraded technology. The platform always introduces programs to encourage the sellers who provide the best services. Amazon Best Seller Badge is one of these programs.

amazon best seller badge

The Amazon best seller badge is a shiny orange ribbon with the number one bestseller tag. This ribbon badge on the seller’s listing shines bright among all. Every seller’s dream is to get this badge on the listing. 

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Want to become a top seller on Amazon and win customer satisfaction at first sight? Keep reading to learn the right method to get the best-seller badge on your listing.

What Is Amazon Best Seller Badge?

The Amazon best seller badge is a huge win-win for the seller listing profiles. The batch is awarded to the products of a specific category that sells the most. Initially, the Amazon bestseller batch was awarded for only one product in the category; hence, there was a huge competition. Now, the best seller badge is given to up to hundred seller listings. This gives a chance to the multiple sellers to win the batch and increase sales. 

This batch tends to create competition between the sellers. The best seller will win the badge. It will urge every seller to give its best in the category. The BSR keeps changing during the Amazon ranking system, and the rank will help you maintain your sky-high sales and make more profit in no time.

amazon best sellers list

This is the result of the best-seller books. In this Amazon listing, we can see the best sellers on the listings. The same badge appears on every best-seller listing. Seeing this badge instantly triggers the audience and grabs the customers towards the seller.

BSR VS Search Ranking – What Is The Difference Between BSR And Search Ranking?

what is amazon BSR

Before we go into the Amazon Best Seller Badge details, it is integral to understand the difference between the search ranking and the best seller tag. The search rankings are designed to bring traffic to the listings. These rankings can be optimized with the SEO techniques. The best seller badge does not depend on the rankings and has nothing to do with the traffic and SEO. The badge completely depends upon your performance and your product. It will not bring organic traffic to your listings but will go great to leave a good impression on the seller.

How To Get The Amazon Best Seller Badge – Step By Step Guide For Sellers

The Amazon a9 algorithm is an unpredictable AI mechanism. It is hard to detect how it ranks the products. But still, sellers have evaluated a few things that might help you to get the Amazon best-seller badge. Read out all these steps keenly to make your place as the best seller product in the competition. You can also call it the Amazon best-seller strategy.

Step 1. Category Targeting On Amazon

Amazon does not deal in a single category. It has multiple categories compiled with sequence. The competition in every category is distinctive. Every product has competition in its category. That is why it is very important to choose the category of your product while listing. Putting your product in the wrong category might cause slow sales and the product’s downfall. Only a few seasonal products can rank regardless of their category.

How To Choose The Right Category For Your Product

Choosing the right category for your product might be a complex task. You need to do this job very keenly. Firstly, you need to have a complete knowledge of the category. See all the categories available on Amazon. Check out the ASIN of the product. Do not forget to assign the parent and the child to your category. The Amazon ASIN stands for the Amazon Standard Identification Number. The ten-digit number is specified for every product. 

Step 2. Optimize Your Listing – An Easy Way To Rank In Your Category

Optimization of your listing would always be the key to helping it rank high in the metrics. We recommend optimizing your listing if you want to get the Amazon Best Seller Badge.

Do Honest Keyword Research

Keyword research is the main thing that you should focus on before optimizing your listing. There are multiple ways to find keywords that will help you rank. One of the most common ways to find the keyword for an Amazon listing is to type the specific niche of your product in the search bar. The Amazon search bar will automatically show you the relevant keywords.

amazon keyword research

Just for the example, let’s consider this image. The image has the keyword ball. Amazon has shown all the relevant keywords associated with the ranking of the balls. This fact is known as Amazon SEO.

More Factors To Consider For Amazon SEO

Besides the keyword research, you can also optimize your listings with the following techniques:

Step 3. Maintain Good Prices

Prices play an important role in the Amazon listings. Make your prices market competitive. Good pricing will help you rank over Amazon. A seller with more customers and higher price products at a good price is more likely to have the Amazon Best Seller badge.

Step 4. Build Customer Relationship

Your relationship with your customers will always help you rank high in the marketplace. Give quality services to your customers, and they will return to you; Amazon will detect your healthy relationship with your customers and will give you an amazing hype up with the Amazon best seller badge.

Step 5. Advertisement And Marketing Strategy

Marketing is the key to ranking a business. You will get more sales if you know how to market your business. The same goes for the Amazon Marketplace. Work with bloggers, give out some affiliate links of your products, and see your product ranking high in the Amazon metrics. 

Our Last Advice to Get Amazon Best Seller Badge

The Amazon best seller badge is a pride for the sellers. Every seller should try to rank high and get the badge.
All the above tips are mandatory to do sales on Amazon. Going deep inside the tips and tricks will help you grow your business. If you are still confused, message us; we will help you rank high. Also, read all the previous tutorials to grow sales on Amazon and bring organic traffic to your listings.

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