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You might be aware of the word hazmat, but have you ever been into the details of these products? The list of hazmat products (or dangerous goods) not only lasts for the explosive material but also covers a wide range. Amazon considers these products hazardous and has a special policy for them. Any seller who will continue sales on Amazon should know the policy for hazmat products on Amazon. Keep on reading the article to find out more useful details.

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Introduction To Hazmat Products On Amazon

Hazmat products are the types of products that can be hazardous to a person’s health or any other property or surroundings. It can be anything besides the explosives. Things that are toxic, weapons, or flammable ones are included in the hazmat products. 

Some items, like laptops that contain lithium-ion batteries, are considered hazmat products. Besides this, things like hair spray or creams with chemicals might also fall in the hazmat category. Amazon has a wide coverage of these products and a special policy. These products must be delivered very safely; hence, every seller is guided to follow the instructions for the Amazon hazmat products list.

What Products are Considered Dangerous Goods (Hazmat) on Amazon Seller Central?

If something can go boom, is super poisonous, or can catch fire easily, it’s usually put in the “hazardous materials” box. But guess what? There are also everyday things we use that fit in this box too!

Some regular stuff that’s seen as hazardous includes:

  • Electronic gadgets: Like laptops, cameras, phones, tablets, tools, and chargers.
  • Things with magnets: Such as speakers, headphones, and even toys.
  • Products with chemicals: Things like glue, certain dyes, and sprays in a can.

It’s like saying, “Be careful! These things need special attention because they have qualities that could be a bit tricky.” It’s essential to handle them with care!

How Can You Handle Hazmat Products?

Hazmat products might become a danger to the people around them. However, the Amazon company still allows the seller to deliver them, but the sellers can’t sell such products under some specific conditions.

  • The hazmat products must be stored in a cool, dry place away from the heat and flame to avoid dangerous situations.
  • These products should be kept away from the reach of the children and the pets.
  • It is forbidden to use hazmat products in the Amazon store.
  • Above all, labelling the hazmat products with the concerned signs is integral.

Hazmat Categories Allowed to Sell via FBA After Approval

  • Flammable solids;
  • Flammable liquids;
  • Flammable gases;
  • Non-flammable and non-toxic gases;
  • Oxidizers;
  • Organic peroxides;
  • Toxic substances;
  • Corrosive substances;
  • Miscellaneous dangerous substances (such as lithium batteries and magnetized materials).

Hazmat Categories Prohibitted to Sell via FBA After Approval

  • Explosive substances;
  • Toxic gases;
  • Substances dangerous when wet;
  • Substances liable to spontaneous combustion;
  • Infectious substances;
  • Radioactive materials.

What Hazmat Products Can We Sell via FBM/FBA After Amazon Approval?

hazmat product list

Here’s a list of the hazmat products that you can sell on Amazon after approval:

  • Oxidizers
  • Flammable Solids
  • Toxic Substances
  • Miscellaneous Dangerous Substances Like Lithium Ion Batteries and other magnetic materials
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Flammable Gases
  • Non-Toxic Gases
  • Organic Peroxides

Note: These materials are hazmat and need special handling. Putting these signs on the package as an awareness indication is mandatory.

Which Hazmat Products Are Prohibited For Selling On Amazon?

Amazon has a wide policy to deliver hazmat products but prohibits sellers from selling these materials. Here you go with a list of these banned materials:

  • All Explosive Materials
  • Radioactive Materials
  • Toxic Gases
  • Infectious Substances
  • Dangerous Substances When Wet
  • Substances Liable To Spontaneous Combustion

Which Products Can Count As Hazmat (In Each Category)?

Please note that this is a preliminary lit and even more products can fall under this. We recommend checking each ASIN individually to make sure. We’ll be providing the link to ASIN-check tool in the next paragraph.
Pesticides, however is not a hazmat product as many seller’s think. We have a separate guide on selling pesticides here.

ApparelItems like hats or vests with rechargeable batteries, hat stiffener and stain remove products.
AutomotiveVarious engine, tire and paint or interior care products. Oils and engine fluids, batteries, airbags.
BabyAntibacterial products and grooming and skincare items.
Beauty and Personal CareSpray deodorants, hair sprays, colors, dyes, perfumes, tanning oils, essential oils, aftershave, insect repellent, nail polish an many more.
BooksSong books (contains batteries) and e-book devices.
Consumer ElectronicsCell phones, power banks, speakers with magnets.
Food and BeverageHigh alcohol content products, aerosol food products, essential oils.
Health and HouseholdCleaning, laundry and dishwashing products.
Home ImprovementPest control products, grill products.
OfficePrinter inks and toners, glues and adhesives, various markers and pens.
Pet ProductsEye and ear care, flea or tick control, deodorants, remedy creams and various cleaning products.
ShoesLight up shoes and shoe cleaning or polishing products.
Sports and OutdoorAirsoft supplies, camp stoves, e-bikes and scooters, batteries, life-saving vests.
ToysKits with paints or sprays, chemistry or building kits, battery operated toys.
Video GamesControllers, headsets and gamepads.

How Do I Check If My Product Is Hazmat?

Amazon never allows hazmat products without proper documentation. If you are an Amazon seller, you must consider whether your product is certified by the hazmat policy. So, before you deliver the product, check it in the hazmat list.
Here you go with a few easy ways to do the job:

  • Check out the FBA dangerous goods program
  • Move the cursor to the navigation goods classification
  • Click the ASIN and move to the next option
  • Check out the status

You can also head over here and search by ASIN, which will look like this:

amazon hazmat asin search

How To Sell The Hazmat Products On Amazon?

Selling hazmat products on Amazon requires a proper procedure. You must fill the proper documentation on Amazon before sending the parcel to the customer. Otherwise, the Amazon FBA services will not deliver the parcel and will discard it after a specific period.
A few things to do in order to start selling dangerous goods on Amazon:

  • Join the dangerous goods waiting list (generally, people report to us that they wait anywhere between ~2 up to a few months)
  • Get an SDS (safety data sheet) for your product

How Can You Get Hazmat Products Approved On Amazon

Selling the Hazmat products on Amazon is not an easy task. You must follow a few steps and get proper approval from Amazon.
You need all the documents at the time of publishing your product listing.
Add the safety data sheet (SDS) to the listing. Amazon will take a few days and will approve your listing.

Note: don’t miscategorize your product, otherwise you’re risking getting a listing error suspension.

You can pay extra to use the FBA Hazmat warehouses or arrange your warehouse and use FBM.

How To Be Part of the FBA Dangerous Goods Program

Like all the other products, Amazon also offers an FBA program for dangerous goods. You need to be a part of this program to increase your sales. Being part of this program will make selling hazmat products on Amazon easy:

  • Sign in to the Amazon Seller Account
  • Scroll to the dangerous goods classification option
  • Choose the FBA program
  • Apply for the program, join waiting list and start safe selling when approved.

What Is a Safety Data Sheed (SDS) & How Can You Get One?

sds example

At sellershelp24.com, we know that Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are crucial for FBA sellers as well as warehouses to ensure the safety of their workers and the general public. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. What is an SDS? An SDS is a document that discloses the hazardous materials contained within a product. Product manufacturers should be able to provide you with the SDS for any products they produce.
  2. Why are SDS important? An SDS provides important information about how to handle, store, and ship products. It also lets people know what to do in the event of a spillage or if the product is required to be disposed of.
  3. How to get an SDS? The best way to get an SDS is to ask your supplier or the product manufacturer. In some instances where you cannot locate the SDS for a product you want to sell, you may need to get one created yourself by enlisting an SDS authoring service.
  4. What to do with an SDS? Once you have an SDS, make sure to keep it on file and make it easily accessible to your workers. Train your workers on how to read and understand the information provided in the SDS.

Remember, having an SDS is critical for ensuring the safety of your workers and the general public. Don’t take any chances – make sure you have an SDS for every product you sell and that your workers are trained on how to handle hazardous materials safely.

Are There Any Exceptions? How Do You Get an Exemption for SDS?

sds exemption sheet

To get permission for something you’re not usually allowed to do, like selling specific products that would normally fall into hazmat cetegory, you need to fall into one of two groups:

  1. Batteries and Things Powered by Batteries
  2. Products without Harmful Chemicals

Amazon has a set of rules specifically for Lithium batteries, which you can find on their website made for sellers. If you plan to sell anything that has a Lithium battery, it’s really important to read these rules.

If you fit into one of the groups we mentioned, you’ll have to fill out a special exemption sheet (download here) from the Amazon’s website to ask for permission.

These sheets aren’t too hard to fill out, but it’s super important to take your time and really understand them. If you don’t, Amazon might say no to your request, and that means you’ll lose out on valuable selling time!

What Storage Does FBA Offer For Hazmat Program?

There are multiple modes of storage included in the FBA hazmat program. You can choose any storage method to sell hazmat products on Amazon.

  1. The General Storage

General storage is one of the most common ways to store your hazmat products. It has less fee as compared to other hazmat products storage systems. Amazon keeps multiple hazmat products in a single store in this storage system. However, the sellers are specifically guided to make the packages product-specific.

  1. The Hazardous Waste Storage

The hazardous waste program is the storage specified for hazardous wastes. It is designed to keep the waste materials from hazardous substances in a secure environment for extra safety.

  1. The Flammable Material Storage

Flammable material storage is another program that FBA offers. This storage area is specified for the things that are more prone to catch fire. The store also has emergency equipment.

Our Verdict

Whenever you list a product on Amazon, check its hazmat status. There is a wide range of hazmat products on Amazon. Any product can fall into the category even based on the material used in production and having your product marked as “dangerous goods” can greatly impact your sales.

We hope that this guide truly helped you to get an idea what hazmat is all about.

If you need any assistance in getting an exemption or SDS — feel free to contact us.

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