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amazon bsr explained featured

What is Amazon BSR (Best Sellers Rank)? Everything You Need to Know

Amazon has successfully created an e-commerce space for online business owners across the US for all these years. It has become an essential retail marketplace, listing over 30 categories and hundreds of millions of products for consumers to choose from online. With these figures laid out, it is impossible for business owners to ignore their…
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What Are Amazon IP Complaints? How to Avoid & Appeal Them?

Protection of intellectual property is essential in the e-commerce industry, which deals in the daily sale of millions of items. Amazon is especially “sensitive” to these kinds of complaints as it must maintain its integrity. Amazon IP (intellectual property) claims are filed by IP owners or representatives of brands to report infringements on their patents,…
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Costs & fees to start selling on amazon

What Does it Cost to Sell on Amazon? True Fees Revealed

Sellers are the driving force behind Amazon’s remarkable growth story. In fact, it’s a well-known fact that most of Amazon’s expansion is attributed to third-party sellers. The fees that Amazon charges these sellers, encompassing commissions, fulfillment charges, shipping costs, and other associated seller services, amounted to a staggering $21.38 billion during the last quarter—a 20%…
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Amazon Listing's Hijacked! What is It & How to Remove Hijackers

Amazon Listing Hijacked! What is It & How to Remove Hijackers?

Amazon is one of the biggest worldwide virtual shopping platforms. Every seller is now on Amazon to increase their business. Are you also on Amazon? Great, you are on the way to boost your business. Did you ever notice a bunch of negative reviews instantly hitting your product or a decrease in sales? This is…
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amazon product image requirements

Amazon Image Requirements – 7 Ways To Optimize Them For Sales

Amazon is one of the top E-Commerce websites around the world. It comes with the options for daily life products to the specified niche product options delivered at your doorstep. But, have you ever thought about why do you keep on seeing some specific products in your search results and why do not some other…
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